Silk Road Taekwondo Friendship Tour

Now in our 7th year

Above is Uzbekistan’s World Taekwondo team, 2015. Photo by G. Brundage.

Welcome! Marhaba! My name is Greg Brundage, also called “Coach Stone” and I’m the founder and principal host of the Silk Road Taekwondo Friendship Tour. Over the years I’ve traveled solo and with various friends meeting, training with, interviewing, and photographing Taekwondo masters from ITF, WT, Jhoon Rhee and non-affiliated Taekwondo schools, as well as national and international Taekwondo federation officials, coaches and athletes in countries all across the land and maritime Silk Roads. We also feature indigenous martial artists and schools, and visit ancient Silk Road historical sites, major museums, cultural landmarks and so on.

My international Taekwondo Friendship Tour really began in 1972 when I first traveled internationally to train in Taekwondo in South America. Since then, I studied at university for 15 years, and traveled through and lived in 20+ more countries including seven years in South Korea.

DieSeidenstrasse Silk Road

Die Seidenstrasse Silk Road

My journeys took me far and wide across all of Asia from Korea to China, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Thailand, and Ethiopia (called “Abyssinia” in ancient times) which was and remains part of the maritime Silk Roads.

African Map (1840)

While traveling the Silk Roads we also research, visit, photograph and write about the museums, Silk Road archeological sites, other historical/cultural landmarks, and so on, so-as to bring to life and harmonize with the spirits of the ancient and modern Silk Roads, for all things are and will be as formed by the past, funneled through the now, and drawn into the future based on our hopes, dreams, creativity, will power, ability to learn and cooperate, and relentless efforts.

Orthostats of Herald’s Wall 900-700 BC Military Parade, Archeological Museum, Istanbul. Photo by G. Brundage

That’s me Coach Stone looking around Dayahatyn Caravanserai – Ancient Silk Road trading center, fortress and hotel in Turkmenistan. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it’s a universe; a time portal of infinite dimensions. What treasures are hidden away within and around these ancient Silk Road sites? For those interested mere gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, probably a lot. For me however, there are infinite riches stored in the wisdom of ancient civilizations if we can perceive it and learn from it.

The articles and photos from the first many years of this tour were first published in Taekwondo Times magazine (USA). Then I collected those articles and published them in a book titled: Silk Road Taekwondo Quest, available on A free PDF version (along with some articles and other Korean culture related books) can be downloaded from the Downloads page on the menu above.

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I first moved to a Silk Road country in 1992 (Malaysia), and traveled extensively around South Asia before moving to South Korea in 2001. After seven years there I moved to China for 12 years, and have been in Thailand for a little more than a year now, mostly teaching in public schools. At this time I’m visiting Taekwondo and other martial art schools around the country, with plans to visit nine more countries in the next year or two: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Tajikistan.

Though COVID-19 did prevent my travel for a couple of years, during that time I collected articles I previously published in Taekwondo Times Magazine and published them in a book now available on and other outlets.

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2015 to Infinity!