Peace and love of the arts

That’s my motto.

These days inflationary trends and other uncertainties have many people shutting down thoughts regarding travel and even hope for the future.

I make a conscious effort of will to keep moving forward and working on positive goals.

Shared values are what has always kept humanity glued together.

Since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs martial sports have been used to train future warriors, for entertainment, health and/or as part of those very important “rites of passage.”

Avenues of collaboration/Partnership

  • Start your own Silk Road Friendship Tour

No matter your profession or hobby (as long as its legal and ethical) you are invited to start up a Silk Road Friendship Tour. See the “About 2” page for some ideas. Write or call me if you’re interested.

  • Coordinate with the Silk Road Taekwondo Friendship Tour

Are you a Taekwondo teacher or student? Videographer? Photographer? If yes, send me your CV and let me know how we can work together. In the next year or two I hope to visit nine more countries: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Tajikistan (not necessarily in that alphabetical order). Let me know what you think.

  • Donations are warmly welcomed

Donations are also gladly accepted to keep the Silk Road Taekwondo Friendship Tour moving forward more quickly. Usually I teach English to pay the bills, but could publish a lot faster with a few sponsors. With divisions of all kinds springing up around the world with ever-increasing speed, so too bridge-building efforts must be accelerated.

Collaboration is key to success in every endevour.

Friends along the road make everything possible, and fun

Tokens of appreciation for donors

Spread the word. Silk Road Friendship is on the rise.

My contact information is on the Contact page on the menu above.