Silk Road Taekwondo Friendship Tour

Free PDF version of Silk Road Taekwondo Quest book, magazine articles & links to other free books about Korea, Korean art and music.

A few PDF versions of the original Taekwondo Times magazine articles collected in the above book can be found and downloaded from below.

Silk Road Taekwondo Quest – Part III, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Published July 2016

The PDF magazine download below is the entire magazine issue. Part III of Silk Road Taekwondo Quest starts on page 54. There was some delay time after submission to publication. The magazine cover photos are from the publication issues.

Silk Road Taekwondo Quest – Part IV (Bukhara, Uzbekistan) Umida & Furkat’s Tae Kwon Do – Love in Action (Published September 2016)

Silk Road Taekwondo Quest – Part VIII (Tbilisi Georgia) Visit to legend of WTF Taekwondo in Georgia, trainer Loseb Osidze and part of their national team. Visit was July 18, 2016; publication date March 2018. Such delays are common with popular martial art magazines.

Kumdo – Korean Sword Fighting Art (Kendo)

Below is a beginner’s text written to help new Kumdo (Korean Kendo) students learn the Korean vocabulary they need to train in Korea. I wrote it with great assistance by friend and former assistant Kumdo instructor at Jeonju Kumdogwan, Ahn Jeong Huang.

Kuk-Gung, Korean Traditional Archery

Below is a PDF version of another article I published in Taekwondo Times magazine about Kuk-Gung, Korean Traditional Archery.

Other free PDF books about traditional Korean culture and history can be downloaded from a variety of places, including Below you will find links to a couple of excellent free books for download. If the visitor doesn’t have Kindle, free e-pub readers can be downloaded from many places on the web.

Korean Folk Tales – Imps, Ghosts and Faries, by Pang Im and Yuk Yi, (A Project Gutenberg EBook) Release book Jan. 22, 2016 – Translated by James S. Gale. Originally published 1913 by J. M. Dent & Sons, Ltd. (London) and E. P. Dutton & Co. (New York)

Free versions of above can be downloaded from:

Korean Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis

This superb collection of Korean fairy tales can be downloaded from here:

The heart and soul of a nation are contained within the myths, legends, other ancient stories and arts from that land. Enjoy!


A good collection of Korean art can be downloaded free here.

Earthenware Funerary Objects in the Shape of a Warrior on Horseback,00910000,11


Some Korean “no copyright music” and language learning MP3s can be downloaded here.

Taegukgi – The flag of South Korea